We need effective safety testing of gene-edited crops and foods

Your donation will be used for an awareness campaign to inform the public, politicians and other organisations of the dangers of inadequately tested gene-edited crops and foods.


A new regulation has recently come into force, which relaxes safety testing for planting gene-edited crops in open field trials and for other non-commercial uses.

Hot on its heels is the alarming draft Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill’ which removes safety testing and labelling for many commercial GM products. Scientific evidence demonstrates that this creates a serious risk to our health and the environment.

How the dangerous draft Bill needs to change

£200,000+ needed for awareness campaigns


It is urgent that politicians and the public are alerted. The public is largely against genetic modification, but most people are not aware that the flood gates are about to be opened to unsafe GM. We need to take action to prevent this.

£200,000 is a miniscule fraction of the amount that many organisations spend on major publicity campaigns. In addition, further legal action might be necessary.  In the medium term we expect around £500,000 will be required.

You can make a difference

Alliance For Food Purity depends entirely on donations.  A donation of any amount, large or small, is much appreciated.  A monthly standing order is the most effective way to support the campaign. Bank transfer details are below.

What will happen if the draft GM law is not radically altered?  

Unless the draft ‘Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill’ is amended substantially, biotech crop researchers and developers will no longer have to produce risk assessments or undertake safety monitoring on crop trials or label GM products. They won’t have to reveal publicly where their gene-edited crops will be planted.

The definition of ‘precision-bred’ organisms is so broad that it allows many unintended, risky genetic changes. GMO developers would be allowed to release genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with potentially hazardous genetic changes into our fields and the food supply, crucially without prior public notification.   Contamination with GMOs would particularly damage the status and viability of organic farms.

Other countries could follow suit unless alarm bells are raised now.

How the dangerous draft Bill needs to change

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Who are we?

The Alliance For Food Purity campaign is run by ARROW Northwest - a voluntary organisation committed to achieving its aims through peaceful and legal means.

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To avoid being targeted by spam systems we have displayed our email address above with an 'at' instead of an @. You will need to replace the 'at' with an @ symbol.